Pro 4K Moniotors

Desktop reinvented.

Harness the visual experience and productivity of a 4K Ultra HD display featuring video resolution of 3840 X 2160.

Available 28", 32" and 40" Screen Sizes


4K maximized.

Realize your productivity possibilities with picture-by-picture technology that display four 1080p desktops on one 4K screen. Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD displays make available two HDMI® and two DisplayPort™ connections to maximize your new expansive 4K desktop.


4K is when gaming stops being a game.

Super MVA Panel technology offers the highest 4K Ultra HD resolution with improved response time that elevates any desktop computing experience — including PC gaming at 60 frames-per-second.


Pro-quality graphics and video.

We don’t call it Seiki Pro for nothing. Vibrant colors and 176-degree viewing angles make this display perfect for professional graphics and video applications. A great display makes all the difference. Seiki Pro displays are simply brilliant.

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