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Introducing Seiki LED HDTVs.

Seiki continues to defy the notion that a higher price tag equals a better TV. We eliminated the bells and whistles in order to hone in on what matters most — stunning picture and sound at an equally stunning price.

Add a pretty impressive one-year replacement warranty — and we think you’ll see why Seiki LED HDTVs are simply brilliant.

Available 19" to 65" Screen Sizes


Enhanced sound.

Seiki integrates renowned Bongiovi Acoustics DPS technology to every HDTV models, Bongiovi Acoustics DPS represents a genuine breakthrough in audio processing. The powerful digital audio signal processor was developed by a team of audio engineers with more than 40 years of experience in the music and motion picture recording industries. Audio is digitally restored in real time, adding missing harmonics, improving clarity, presence, and bass resonance.

Over the top content.
Amazing product.

Enhance your digital entertainment experience with Seiki's own Muse™ Streaming media. Stream your favorite movies, TV shows and music with access to channels like Netflix™, YouTube™, Vudu™, Toon Goggles™, Pandora™, and AccuWeather™ via Wi-Fi or wired Internet connection.

Retro style.
Redefined quality.

Throw-back style enhanced with Seiki quality high-definition. The perfect novelty addition to add playful personality to any room.

We stand behind every Seiki.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with your Seiki TV in the first year, don’t worry, Seiki will back you up. Our comprehensive one-year replacement warranty will make sure you’re always satisfied with your Seiki.

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