Turn audio quality up a notch.

Complete your home entertainment experience with Seiki home theater sound bars and bases or get personal with our line of Bluetooth portable and internet speaker lines.

Full featured home theater sound base.

Enhance your home entertainment experience with the amazing Seiki S-LIVE™ Sound Base. The pedestal design sound base offers a complete home theater sound system without the complicated installation.

Add on rich sound with superb multi-speaker sound bars.

Just plug in the Seiki sound bar to any HDTV, Blu-ray™ player or pair wirelessly to mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or other compatible devices via Bluetooth® for a rich digital audio experience.

Big sound. Small speakers.

Harness the power of Bluetooth® wireless audio with the Seiki portable speakers. With its ominidirectional design, the speaker can direct high-definition sound with rich bass in three different angles to suit your audio environment.

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